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SK Seri Ampang, Ipoh

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School name:  Seri Ampang Primary School

School location: Ipoh, Malaysia

Teacher name: Liza Che Teh

School website : http://www.skseriampang.net





School construction began on November 12 1993.Projek is costing RM3.3 million.

School has been registered with the name NATIONAL SCHOOL SERI AMPANG with the ABA code 2050

Located in Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi, Ipoh 31350th. On May 25, 1995 the PWD has been submitted

Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Ampang building to the State Education Department.




1995: On March 1, the State Education Department has sent 4 teachers to manage

furniture and equipment for entry.

1995: On June 12 a total of 737 students who have been signed. A total of 25 teachers, a

Administrative Assistant, a General Assistant and a Senior General Workers were supplied.

1996: Number of teaching staff plus up to 42 people with the number of students about 1048 people

and class of 25 units.

1997: Number of students increased to 1141 the number of instructors with a total of 45 people. School

get another Administrative Assistant and a Senior Administrative Assistant.

1998: January 1998 the number of students increased to 1241 people. Another class of open

the number of classes by 26 units. School has been promoted to grade A and 3

Senior Assistant has been placed.

1999: lecturer increased to 53 people, 28 in the morning session and 25 in the afternoon session, 2 people

Administrative Assistant N9, 1 person Junior Administrative Assistant N11, 1 person General Assistant N13, 2

Public Employees Junior R11 (1 part) and a Keep.

2000: Number of students increased to 1425 people. 4 class pass created to make this school

have 36 classrooms at 18 Level 1 class and 18 class level 11 with two sessions of

Level 11 in the morning session and afternoon session at Level 1 with the number of teachers about 61 people.

2001: Department of Education has approved construction of a 4 storey block containing 11 classrooms,

1 computer room, 1 Science room, 1 room and a Life Skills Open House at the level

below. This project costing RM1.1 million. On 14 November 2001 the PWD has

submit this building to the State Education Department.

2002: In January 2002, a school session began with a total enrollment of 1325 students and 63 teachers .

Up till today the school remains with 747 enrolment of students and 40 teachers.




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