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Grading Rubric - TOTAL = 33 marks


*hint* to see this rubric a little more easily click the little arrow pointing to the right at the top of this page



Developing (1-2)

Satisfactory (3)

Substantial (4)

Excellent (5)

Mandatory Content (3)

Missing two or more of the essential elements: title slide, and attribution slide

Title slide and attribution slide included



Content (5)

Includes very few facts, pictures or other content that supports your story

Some content that supports your story

A great deal of content that supports your story

High level of content that supports your story

Sound (5)

Poor use of sound or no sound used

Some use of sound, but poor quality, audience has trouble understanding as a result

Sound and music is used to convey message, audio is clear

Excellent use of sound and music to reinforce message

Organisation (5)

Sequence of ideas / information lacked logic and cohesion

Some logical sequence of information

A good logical sequence of information

Sequence of ideas is logical and intuitive and supports the story

Originality (5)

Rehash of other's ideas, images. Lack of evidence of creativity / new thought

Some evidence of original thought and content

The product shows evidence of originality and inventiveness

Shows complete originality and inventiveness. Majority of content and many of the ideas are fresh and original.

Graphical Design (5)

Exaggerated emphasis upon special effects or very few, if any, special effects, which weakens your story and presents an unprofessional final product

Some emphasis upon special effects, which supports your story and produces a satisfactory final product

Design elements and content combine effectively to help tell your story well

Very good use of graphical design elements combined with appropriate text helps to communicate the full meaning of the story.

Impact on Audience (5)



Your final product caused some meaningful emotion or thought in the audience

Your final product caused a great deal of emotion or thought in the audience


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