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by carf

Tell us, what is it really

like to live where you live?


Welcome to the Life Round Here digital storytelling project.


This is the second time this project has been done, if you would like to see the first year's project, click here.


To get started, let's discuss the requirements of the project:


  1. It must involve students from 10 - 13 years old.
  2. Your class/school/group must be able to publish six stories.
  3. The stories must be in English or have subtitles in English.
  4. Stories must be published and "watchable" by March 31, 2009.


With me so far?


Ok, so you agree to the first three requirements. Read the parameters for the assignment.


Sound interesting?


Want to be a part of this? Can you meet the requirements posted above and you're ok with the parameters? Good. Let's go.


How to be involved:


  1. Talk to your students about the project. Make sure they (and you) understand the requirements and can meet the end date of March 31, 2009.
  2. If you want to be a part of the project, simply request access to this wiki! Make sure to tell me who and where you are! Use the link on the top right. If you have troubles with that, send me an email using the contact form telling me who and where you are, and I will send you an invite to be a contributor on the wiki.
  3. Add your information to the participants page so we'll know you're participating! (Make sure you've gotten the contributor invite!)
  4. Create a page for your school following the creating a page instructions. 
  5. Create your stories after reading the story requirements. 
  6. Upload your stories following the editing a page instructions.
  7. Add your page's link to the completed projects page.
  8. Watch the other schools' stories.


If you have any problems, questions, comments or concerns, first read the FAQ list, then please feel free to contact me using either the comments box below or my contact form.


The official tag for this project is liferoundhere09

if you post about it somewhere.


Thanks for checking out our project!


Chris Craft




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