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2009editing the page

Page history last edited by Chris Craft 12 years, 1 month ago

Here are the instructions for editing the page:


1. Navigate to your page using the links on the participants page.


2. Edit it. Delete one of the video placeholders (they say video 6).


3. With your cursor in the spot where the video 6 used to be, click Insert Plugin in green above.


4. Hover over Video and click Upload a Video. Note that this assumes you'll be uploading them here and have not already uploaded them somewhere else. If you have, you'll need to get the embed code and embed them manually through the source button.


5. Upload the video. When it is done, after sufficient time to process, the video will appear. Note that this can take hours if not longer.


6. Repeat this process for the other five videos. That's it!


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