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2009completed projects

Page history last edited by Anne Van Meter 11 years, 3 months ago

Completed Projects


This is the completed projects page. Once your school/class/group is finished, please add your link below! Link directly to the six-video page you uploaded earlier in the process. 


Use this format: Just add yours below the example!


School name: Location: Page Link: Winner

CrossRoads Middle School

Columbia, SC USA CrossRoads (leave blank for now)
Obee Elementary Hutchinson, KS USA Obee   
QSI - Atyrau Atyrau, Kazakhstan QSI
International School Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand ISB
Qatar Academy  Doha, State of Qatar  Qatar Academy   
San Jose Episcopal Day School Jacksonville, FL USA SJEDS
Te Awamutu Intermediate Te Awamutu, New Zealand TAI  
St. Dominic's International School  S. Domingos de Rana, Portugal  SDIS   
Jenkintown Middle-High School Jenkintown, PA JMHS  

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